Company ORKA was founded in 1992. From the very beginning its founder Mr. Krstic Jovica is at the head of the company and the team of diligent associates who are providing domestic and world market with our products based on a great experience and knowledge.
We consult both experts and fishermens to gain some more information about the practical usage of ORKA-products. These information are valuable for creating new designs and ideas how to improve production of soft lures and twisters of a high quality.lt is also important to mention that all of our products are manually finished,checked and quality tested.
Our assortment of models and variety of colors shows how much this company is determined in its intention to be present and accepted by a large number of fishermen all over the world. As we mentioned before, the variety of our products have the original colorful ornamentation. It must not be forgotten to specify that our product is recognized in the world by its shape,color and vibration that is specific only for Orka lures. Each of our models perform different degree of vibrations that may range from the finest to very strong vibrations. With the development of the company we pay more attention to the researches that are providing our products with the best possible quality because we want to justify the trust that we recive from fishermans worldwide.
We think that only professionalism provides the desired results. Models from our assortment are mainly designed and produced with the knowledge based on facts about the natural habitat of different kinds of predator fish (perch, pike,zander,carfish..) and how these underwater predators hunt for their food both in stagnant and in running waters.
Throughout all these years we try to combine experience and knowledge in order to offer the best quality that our customers deserve and we want our company’s name to be the synonym for originality.