Double Tail 12-FY

Double tail shad twister is a combination of a shad and a classical double tail twister. The body is made in a shape of a shad (the front part is like a fish, but the back part is in the shape of a twister with double tail, with one part bigger and the other smaller). This combination is made to produce two different vibrations, one bigger and the other smaller. Both tails and the body are harmonious and when pulling it through water it looks like a small fish. With its shape and movements ORKA double tail twister imitates a fish in a panic escape and two different lengths of tails achieve that effect. It is to be used in the fishing of perch, pike and catfish. One of the possible combinations is in a way of putting it on a hook, i.e. the hook must come out between the two tails and than the body is in a horizontal position. The width of the body does not permit quick dropping through the water.

Product code :straighten 8002-TTT-12-FY
grade Length : 120.00 mm
grade Weight : 8.00gr

grade P    r    i    c    e grade

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How to use Double Tail 12-FY