Marmaid SI-7-AV

Orka Marmaid is the member of the latest generation of Orka lures and successor of our extremely popular series of soft plastic lures that combine the body of the fish and the tail of the grub. It's massive body ends in wide and elongated tail with classic »V« shape. That enables the lure to treble intensively even when retrieved at the slowest speeds. Orka Marmaid has subtle vibration and it is aimed to provoke the strikes from walleye (zander), musky and pike, perch, catfish etc. It can be successfully jigged or retrieved in »stop and go« manner. It is available in three sizes – 70 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm and in seven color patterns with pearly pigment basis.

Product code :straighten 2111-SI-7-AV
grade Length : 70.00 mm
grade Weight : 1.50gr

grade P    r    i    c    e grade

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How to use Marmaid SI-7-AV