Twister Classic T-8-W

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These twister lures in white color will catch perch, chub, zander, pike and numerous saltwater species. They can be fished at any depth, retrieve them in midwater, twitch along the bottom or jig around weedbeds and other features. The tail provides an enticing swimming action that predators can't resist.

Product code :straighten 1002-T-8-W
Primary color :color_lens white

Length : 80.00 mm
Weight : 3.00gr

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How to use Twister Classic T-8-W

Every twister that is on the world market has its own characteristic. We may say that ORKA twister have its original dimension. The body of an ORKA twister has three -dimensional shapes. It is quite simple but it has some specific attraction of its own. The thickness of the tail is different as well as its size and its diameter. These characteristics depend on the size of the twister. The main thing that make twisters different and original is the thickness, width and diameter of the tail. Some of ORKA'S twisters have a protector for hooks on them and they are especially recognizable for this. The purpose of the protector on the hook is to avoid different obstacles in the water. ORKA twisters made in size 8,9,10,11, and 12 are made for fishing perch, pike, catfish and other similar kinds of fish... Smaller specimens of ORKA twisters (size 5,6, and 7) showed excellent results in fishing trout, bream especially in the winter period. They have also shown good results in sea fishing.

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